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Singing Lessons - Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast

If you’re looking for a Singing teacher to correctly train your voice, and teach you the correct vocal technique, our lessons provide quality tuition where you will learn to increase your vocal range, improve your tone, develop a natural vibrato, and importantly teach you to sing in a relaxed vocal style.

We have over 35 years of qualified, successful teaching and performing experience and will coach you in song selection and Stage Performance to fully engage your audience.

Based in Burleigh Waters on Qld's Gold Coast, we teach a range of musical styles to suit a variety of preferences and tastes.

Whether your favorite vocal style is a Soft Ballad or a big Pop/Rock song, solo or with a group, our vocal technique lessons will teach you how to reliably hit those notes, develop your own sound, and to take care of your unique vocal instrument. 

Learn to take care of your voice, improve your vocal range and tone, take care of your vocal chords, and learn sing the high notes without strain.

Your Voice is your instrument, you deserve great Singing tuition, call NOW for more information on the Singing lessons, and custom teaching options.

Intuitive Grooves is the place to Get Your Groove On!

5 lessons in 5 weeks for $195*

*current offer ends 30/06/2022

We teach all Voice styles inc. Pop, Contemporary, Rock, Jazz, Blues

Private Singing lessons and Guitar lessons & workshops and tuition in Songwriting and Stage Presentation.