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Thankyou so much for the lessons, I have learnt so much, it has made a massive difference to my whole life, and given me a platform and an avenue to keep pushing myself to do more!


I have to tell you that you are now officially cooler then Ed Sheeran!

Olivia and I were in the car with one of Ed’s songs playing. I say to Olivia how cool it would be to play like Ed Sheeran and straight away she replies with….’No, I want to play like Steve. He can make up songs just like that!’

Sometimes it’s hard to know if she really likes something or not as she can keep quite a blank face, but inside her head she’s thinking ‘you are AMAZING!’

Thank you so much for you persistence and patience.



Thanks for your tuition it is really pushing my musical development along quickly.


Finn is loving his lessons. Sounds like he is learning a lot from you. Thanks so much.



Hi Steve

Thanks so much for going over and above the call of duty today to help me with those tunes, very much appreciated and very helpful and inspiring – looking forward to the challenges of the new exercises and seeing you again next week...


In awesome news we won the "Waxy's The Voice Karaoke Comp"!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice which was definitely a big help in going towards our winning performances. Here is a link to one of our songs & you should be able to see the rest of the clips from this link.

Thanks again & we will see you next Monday. 

Pam and Terri

Hi Steve, The gig was a massive success. ‘twas better than I ever imagined it could be for my first solo performance. A massive thank you for your help and encouragement.  


Had you told me when I was a kid that I'd thoroughly enjoy my homework, I would have suggested you see a doctor.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement, so far. You're a great teacher.

See you next week,


Thanks Stephen!

The girls are loving the classes. We don’t mind how fast or how slow they learn, as long as they are enjoying the journey!

Thank you so much – you are a great teacher.

Kind regards,

Renata McCarthy

Stephen has been the most inspirational singing teacher i have worked with! He introduced me to a whole new singing technique and gave me the confidence to sing live. Thank you for helping me to understand music and making me a better vocalist! I have seen a big improvement in my voice and my knowledge of music within the last few months.

Louise Emily :)

I came to Stephen with a background of a moderate degree of playing classical guitar. I found Stephen was able to refine and improve my technique to a level where my playing changed from reproducing notes, to performing songs. All the subtleties of performing on the guitar are explored and refined, to get the best out of the instrument and the player. His attention to detail is brilliant, and every lessons gives me something new to work on. I look forward to seeing how far I can go with Stephen, and am enjoying the challenges of perfecting my technique.

Dr John Cosson

I have been receiving guitar lessons from Steve Carter for the past few months, and I can't believe my improvement! Steve's teaching methods are fantastic, and in particular were instrumental in my preparations for the 2012 Toyota Star Maker Competition. He has not only helped me improve my guitar skills, but also my performance techniques, ensuring I was more than ready to take to the stage in this prestigious competition. After this performance, I had a lot of comments from industry professionals of how much my guitar and stage presence had improved, and I have Steve to thank for that - I could not have done it without his dedication, help and guidance. An extremely knowledgeable, skilled and devoted teacher that I am so fortunate to have found!

Sarah Head 

I'm a beginner student learning guitar techniques with Steve. Steve is an excellent teacher! He has great teaching methods and insight.

L. Singh

Thank you so much for sharing your music with us. I loved listening to the great sounds and while away a Sunday afternoon. It is a wonderful memory.

Thanks also for your patience in giving Nicola and I our first ever singing lessons. It definitely was a confidence builder.

Ros de Candole

"The program has been an outstanding success ... the increasing skill and enhanced self-esteem has been obvious in all students, a number have developed remarkable levels of skill ...

Parents consistently have shown their appreciation of the quality of his teaching through comments to teachers and me ...

Stephen is a talented teacher as evidenced by the quality of his program ...

I believe his music tuition would complement the formal programs of any school. I recommend him confidently and without reservation ..."

Len La Flamme -School Principal

"at all times ... highly professional ... enjoyable and productive ... able to bring out the best in most ... and inspire them to succeed ... patient in dealing with children who experience difficulties ... many have become very proficient ... for more than ten years, Mr. Carter has become a highly valued member of staff.

I have great pleasure in recommending Mr. Steve Carter as a Teacher of high caliber and as a professional colleague".

Peter Collin -School Principal

" ... a person of high integrity with a very professional attitude ... has been outstanding ... his tuition has produced some remarkable results.

... very personable and sensitive teacher ... works tactfully and responsibly ... ensuing that what he achieves is in the best interest of all concerned.

We were most grateful and appreciative of his advice and guidance as we would not be able to do as much without it".

A.J. Orriell -School Principal

" ... an enthusiastic and reliable teacher ... able to encourage quite a few to reach an advanced stage ... a friendly and worthwhile member of the music teaching staff".

B.D May –Director Brisbane Grammar School


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4.0 out of 5 stars Amazon

Making the Daunting Seem Do-able,

By J. McCook "READAX" (Southeastern US) - See all my reviews


This review is from: Introducing Classical Guitar Book 1 (Learn to Play the Guitar) (Paperback)

Though I've been playing the guitar for almost 15 years, I was self-taught and, as such, never really developed a firm grasp on the fundamentals of reading music and applying it to the guitar. Most instructional books that broached the topic made it seem too daunting and intimidating. This prevented me from taking on more ambitious pieces, namely classical arrangements. However, finding "Introducing Classical Guitar" changed all that.

This easy-to-read, 27 page book presents both reading music and mastering the fundamentals of classical guitar in a way that is both easy to understand and fun to learn. Through concise and familiar descriptions and examples, one not only learns but understands all those things that may have seemed too advanced in the past. I opened this book completely intimidated and overwhelmed by musical notation for the guitar. I closed it feeling confident enough to take-on the most complex of pieces.

Moreover, to add to its unique "user-friendly" delivery, the book is replete with various hints and words of wisdom that make playing classical guitar seem do-able. For instance, understanding the nature of music, how to site-read with ease, how to memorize pieces, how to get your fingers "working," etc. Sitting down with it is a pleasant experience as a whole.

However, an experienced player may find it a bit too basic or slow for their needs. Needless to say, it does touch upon such things as familiarizing one with the fretboard, the proper way to manipulate the instrument, and the basic chords. Though these can, of course, be skipped-over, I actually found it enriching to understand the general theory behind what I already knew, as well as practice the suggested methods of playing, especially since Carter's explanations were void of pretension and assumption, unlike so many other classical instructionals. Moreover, don't expect to finish this book and have a repertoire of impressive pieces. Since the emphasis is on learning the fundamentals, most of the exercises are quite basic (although his easy-to-learn version of "Asturias" will cause heads to turn). But to that end, I think the book would be perfect for the beginning guitarist as well.

I probably spent no more than a week or two with this book before I found myself moving on to more advanced pieces. Within a few months I'd say I've gone from being a chord-strummer to a fairly competent classical guitarist, thanks to Carter's book. It really was like turning on a light for me.